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  • Ritualistic Companion Set featuring Onsen & Shinrin-Yoku by Earl of East


    Taking inspiration from the rituals of Japanese bathing culture, the Shinrin-Yoku and Onsen candles are harmoniously balanced for maximum wellness and relaxation. Onsen brings the fresh and citrusy scent of natural hot springs, whilst Shinrin-Yoku incorporates grounding and soothing notes of cedarwood and black pepper inspired by the art of forest bathing.


    Burn these candles together, or use Onsen to begin your day and Shinrin-Yoku to wind down for the ultimate daily ritual.


    Set includes: Onsen Soy Wax Candle, 170ml; Shinrin-Yoku Soy Wax Candle, 170ml


    –Hand poured in East London

    –35-40 hours burning time (each)

    –Recyclable amber glass jar with lid

    –Burn together or separately

    Ritualistic – Onsen & Shinrin-yoku Candle Companion Set by Earl of East

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