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  • The Elixir is like a multivitamin for your house plants. The formula contains macro and micronutrients which provide the all-round nutrition your house plant needs. The actives will boost chlorophyll production, photosynthetic rate and resilience. Practically, this means larger foliage, stronger stems, and greater resistance to common plant stressors like forgetting to water for several weeks.

    The ultra concentrated formulation is designed to feed a typical family of 15 mixed size house plants for over 4 months.


    –Ultra-concentrated 3.4 fl oz/100ml

    –Made in England

    –Animal Free & Non-toxic

    –Formulated with renewable ingredients

    House Plant Elixir by Sowvital

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    • The elixir is ultra concentrated, so it needs just one full pipette in one litre of water to provide full nourishment for many plants at a time.

      Shake the elixir bottle, put one dropper’s worth in a litre of water and pour around the base of your houseplants once a week on Sundays.

      Feed your plants once a week in Spring, Summer and Autumn when they are growing their fastest. You can give them a boost in the Winter too. Sowvital Elixir boosts all parts of the plant, ensuring that their growth is supported and healthy.


      The elemental ingredients use pioneering circular economy technology to reduce this product’s CO2 emissions and impact on the environment.


      Shaking the elixir ensures that all solids which may have crystallised out of solution are re-dissolved. The energy in the water that the macro and micronutrients are dissolved in will have slightly lowered as the elixir sits still on a shelf. As a result, some of the ions may have been attracted to each other and formed a crystalline solid. By shaking, you energise the water. As water molecules have a slightly polarised charge, they act to pull apart the ions which will have come together to form a crystalline solid. We want these ions to be evenly dispersed every time we apply the Elixir to our plants to ensure consistent, high-performance results.