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  • Refillable scented candle made of wax from organic soy with a woody fresh and spicy scent of nutmeg and cedarwood.

    An uplifting woody outdoor scent that resembles the Japanese cypress.


    The candle is filled by hand in a mouth blown tinted amber glass.

    Hinoki is an uplifting scent that is said to be comforting and opens the mind to new perspectives, whilst also aiding to relieve stress and anxiety.


    –Burn time: 45 hours


    Hinoki Candle by L:a Bruket

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    • Light the candle for shorter periods of time to maximise the scent and make it more long lasting. Cut the wick to a length of 5-7 mm before lighting and relighting the candle. Place the lid underneath the glass to protect it from heat if the candle burns all the way down.