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  • A rich botanical shampoo that utilises revitalising seaweed extracts, for a gentle and hydrating cleanse.


    Fragrance notes:

    –Top: Spearmint, Fresh. Heart: Chamomile.

    –Base: Sage, Herbaceous.



    Bio+ Energiser Conditioner by Haeckels

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    • Bio+ Energiser Conditioner is a rich botanical hair conditioner, gentle on the scalp and with a fragrance that is refreshing and leaves your hair feeling glossy and hydrated.

      A combination of kelp extracts and panthenol work together in Bio+ Energiser Conditioner to condition and hydrate your hair, while Pumpkin seed oil provides your hair with a multitude of essential fatty acids to leave your hair clean and refreshed.

      Expel excess water from hair after cleansing and apply product from root to end. Leave for two to three minutes before rinsing thoroughly.