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We first discovered LaneFortyfive when Provision founder Nick bought clothes from Tanmay, the company founder, over ten years ago. Here we chat to Tan about his creative process and and share news of an exciting collaboration for 2024…

Hi Tan, how did you get into clothing design?

I grew up in India but decided I wanted to move to the UK after completing my degree in Finance, Business Studies and IT. I worked in the financial sector for a few years but found I had a creative yearning that wasn't being met by my day job. I have always been into clothes and with London such an inspirational place to be and a hotbed of creativity I started channelling my energies into designing my own garments - pieces that were an extension of my evolving personality and outlook on life.

What drives your creative process?

I love to travel – and find myself inspired by different cultures. When you travel there is an element of osmosis and you don't realise it until you sit down to design something. The Edel and Falcon jackets as an example were heavily influenced by my time in Japan, particularly in the shape and over–sized feel. I love that in Japan people wear clothes with such conviction – they really own it, regardless of their size or body shape.

We really love the Tex–Wax canvas — what made you decide to use this material for the Edel and Falcon jackets?

I've always loved waxed cotton but stumbled upon the American Tex–Wax waxed canvas almost by accident. I wanted something a bit thinner than standard waxed canvas which I felt would be too heavy. It wears really beautifully and develops its own patina over a very short period of time!

What made you decide to work with Provision?

We have known each other for a while and I was genuinely excited when I heard you were opening your own store. I love the ethos – we share similar values and both have a passion for functional yet sustainable, high–quality design.

What do you have planned for LaneFortyFive in 2024?

I'm extremely excited to be launching my new brand Fenmy Taxena – and also a LaneFortyFive Provision collaboration!

LaneFortyFive at Provision:


Tanmay Saxena was interviewed by Nicholas Newman in Winter 2023.

Photography is by Tanmay Saxena.

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