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  • This is nurture through nature as the evergreen healing elements of Eucalyptus leaves, distilled with a blend of cleansing oils, bring on this restorative aromatic, balanced with notes of bitter-sweet Orange and wild herbaceous Cypress. 


    The cones are each hand-dipped and scented with their chosen fragrance. Each cone will burn for 15-20 minutes with a scent longevity of 2-3 hours. Each fine linen bag comes with 20 cones.


    How to use: Light the end of the cone with a match or candle and burn for around 10 seconds blowing the ember until hot. Place the cone on a dish and let the scented smoke disperse.


    –15–20 min burn time

    –20 cones in the bag 

    Eucalyptus Leaf Incense Cones by Harvest

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